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NWPA: The Northwest's Circuit of Champions

Northwest Pageantry Association is a winter color guard circuit operated and governed by its own members for the benefit of youth participating in the dramatic sport of Winterguard.  Our competitive season runs from January to March and we welcome units from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia.

Guard Tweets

Click here for the full schedule with warm-up times!

Northwest Pageantry Associaton
Kamiak Show - Round 1 - Revised
Unit Name Class Warm-Up Perform
Intro 11:00 AM
North Mason High School SRA B 11:05 AM
North Thurston High School SRA A 11:12 AM
Shelton High School SRA B 11:19 AM
Kelso High School SRA A 11:26 AM
Enumclaw High School SRA B 11:33 AM
Klahowya Secondary School SRA A 11:40 AM
Glencoe High School JV SRA B 11:47 AM
Wenatchee High School SRA A 11:54 AM
Bremerton High School SRA B 12:01 PM
Kamiak High School Prep Ex A 12:08 PM
Break 12:15 PM
Prelude IRA B 12:35 PM
Eurythmic IRA A 12:42 PM
Rhapsody (Regional) IRA B 12:49 PM
North Kitsap High School SA A 12:58 PM
Cascade High School SA B 1:06 PM
Glencoe High School Varsity SA A 1:14 PM
Kamiak High School JV SA B 1:22 PM
Central Kitsap High School SA A 1:30 PM
Bainbridge High School SA B 1:38 PM
Kennedy Catholic High School SA A 1:46 PM
Break 1:54 PM
Pacificaires Jr. Guard Prep B 2:14 PM
Skyview High School SO A 2:25 PM
Kamiak High School Varsity SO B 2:34 PM
RhapsoWiggles Novice A 2:43 PM
Full Gallop Ex B 2:50 PM
Skyview Exhibition Ex A 2:57 PM
Schedule 3:04 PM
Lunch 3:09 PM
Critique Slot 1 Critique 3:54 PM
Critique Slot 2 Critique 4:04 PM
Critique Slot 3 Critique 4:14 PM
Break 4:24 PM
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Published: Mar 7, 2014

Recent Scores

View results from our Recent Competition Events. See which teams ended on top and which ones are quickly climbing the ladder!

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Next Meeting

The next meeting for the NWPA will be in the Spring after the winterguard Season. This meeting will be to elect a new board, go over any rule change proposals, and setting a preliminary schedule for the next season. Check back here for new information as it becomes available.

Simple Registration Process


Login w/Facebook Directors can create an account to manage their units.


Add a Unit Add and manage separate units all online.


Register for Shows Enter your guards in contests and track your fees & payments.

What You Need To Know Next

NWPA Clinic/Pre-Critique/Judges Training:
December 7th, 2013 at Gateway Middle School. Click here for more Information!
Season Photos:
Hopefully you all have had the opportunity to check out the great photos from our friends at Open Your Eyes Visuals. But if you haven't check here to look at all the photos from NWPA events!


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